Solana Beach, California

Dr. Jacksons "assistant" nearly cost me my marriage.

She kept calling me none stop my wife answered my cell while is was showering. I was expecting a call from her father since that first call I have been harassed by Morgan. She has given my cell number to her friends sheriffs have gotten involved, district attorney and now my employer. I have called repeatedly to speak to Dr.

Jackson about this and guess who answers the phone, Morgan. She is ruining his reputation he is the first doctor I have found that listens.I stopped referring friends to this office as I found that she has done this to them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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i find it incomprehensible that a doctor's office with this many complaints on the internet about the office assistant has not relieved this "Morgan" of her position in his practice. There is more to this situation than is being shared here. "Morgan" obviously has "something" on this doctor!


Sad but true! I work in a skilled nursing facility when I say we all have suffered I mean from the owners to the patients.

Complaints 10 fold since he hired this woman. She is not a physicans assistant or a nurse practioner as he told all of us she was. He no longer has patients at the facility I work at, way to much drama with him and liability. At one time he was one of the most sought after doctors that came into our facility we all loved him!

Many of us became his patients in his private practice a few of us still see him for medical care. He's not the Dr.

Jackson that I grew to respect over the last 8 years. Very sad to see a doctor go down this path.


Dr Jackson has benn my dr for about 14 years now. Lately it has been difficult to get in to see him.

He has a new assistant, Morgan, every time I call to schedule an appointment she says he's slammed! When I do schedule she is really rude to everyone who's waiting.

I mentioned it to dr Jackson he said she's over worked. In the past he's always had very friendly employees not sure where he found this one but she's ruining his business and practice


This makes no sense .. Been with Dr.

Jackson for 8 years .. No issues with past or current assistants ..

They all are as caring as the doctor himself .. Rubbish I say


Dr Jackson was my doctor for 8 1/2 years when he hired Morgan I decided it was time to find a new doctor. I worked with her at a local nursing home she is not to be trusted.

Dr Jackson was warned when he hired her he told HR director that she deserves a job. If you cross her she will come after you stay away far away from this office.


who's father were you expecting a call from? Morgan's father or your wife's father? Call before 10 to speak with someone other than Morgan or leave a voicemail please


Morgan needs to be fired asap. She doesn't file paperwork and lies about it, is super rude ALL THE TIME, and totally brings down Dr. Jackson's practice.