San Diego, California

Dr Jackson took care of my mom in a nursing home great Dr! I had the chance to choose him for my dad 2 months ago so I did what a mistake.

He has a new assistant with him who does all of his computer work big problem she sells patients info! My dad had 4 new credit cards by the time he was discharged. None stop phone calls from real estate agents found out his assistant tried to sell his house. Horrible experience!

Still working through it all with banks, attorneys, city hall and adult protective services. Watch out!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had the same thing happen to my mother. Dr Blaine Jackson is part of this activity, this assistant of his makes all medical decisions for patients.

She is not a MD or even a nurse practitioner, skilled nursing facilities know what she is doing but because they all need doctors to sign orders they allow it.

Problem here your loved ones are not being see by a MD they are being seen by his "assistant" who hold no medical credential or liability insurance. Good luck to you all when you find your loved ones property and valuables missing!


Accusations that unfortunately are true Dr. Jackson is aware and is protecting his assistant.

He feels sorry for her he hired her which make him responsible for everything she does California medical board is investigating him again. Numerous complaints from nursing facilities.


He is horrible! my Mom was in the SNF that he was working at and almost killed her.

He misdiagnosed her...

He was reprimanded by the Calf state medical board. STAY AWAY!!!


This is a update. My father is not her only victim to date there are 12.

The company that the dr works for said this "assistant" is not their employee she was hired by the dr. He is aware of the accusations and same comment from him "she deserves a job".

I have confronted both her and him only to be repeatedly harassed by her. I agree with all the other posts stay away far away from this office.


What's the name of the company you talked to? How do you know it's 12?

Is there an investigator I can talk to? How do I get a hold of you to talk about this?

... Frustrated


These are pretty big felonious accusations .. I called "the company" he is contracted through and they say these are false.

They also feel it is coming from a current or past disgruntled employee .. They assured me that our patient information is very secure and did look it to this and found no wrong doings.

Sad how a someone can be so mean to another and post trash like this against a good doctor and employees .. You should be ashamed ..


In addition to my comment .. I spoke with my husband, whom Dr.

Jackson basically has saved his life and has made it possible for me to spend my last days with my first love, has a good friend who works for Grady and Associates in Carlsbad, a "libel and defamation" law firm to contact thsed hideous website not only to get these disgusting slanderous comments removed but also file an order to track the IP address of this complainant to see what can be done to save the good name of Dr. Jackson and his employees.

It's time we stood up against these folks. We maybe old but we are not silent.